About Me

Hi, I'm Steve. I like to write code.

These days I'm working mostly with JavaScript - primarily with Node.js and React. I've been into web development for a while and I'm still learning and I still love it. In my spare time I'm building CronAlarm - a platform for monitoring cron jobs and scheduled tasks.

Some of the topics I'm interested in that I'm either just starting to learn and plan on learning in the near future include Docker, serverless architecture, GraphQL, and GatsbyJS. Keep an eye on on here for posts that document my learning process.

I'm currently interested in other job opportunities and/or contract work so if you need some help on a project or are looking to add another full-time developer to your team, hit me up! I'm located in western Maryland, and chances are you're not. So, I'm mostly interested in work that can be done remotely but relocating is a possibility for the right position. I hear Raleigh-Durham is nice this time of year ;)

You can also find me @stvmlbrn on Twitter. I enjoy interacting with and learning from other developers, so reach out and say hi :)